Top 10 R&B Songs of the 2000's

The 2000's were filled with such amazingly catchy R&B songs, where the artists till this day are considered to be some of the greats. Although the 2000's wasn't so long ago, the music was so legendary that they have turned the artists into legends. One of the great things about R&B would probably be the fact that it's a genre that is infused with so many different genres. It offers a mix of gospel, ballads, blues, and swing all in one, making it a legendary genre that will forever captivate music lovers everywhere. Although all of the R&B artists of the time were super talented, only a counted few left a mark on music that allows them to be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Top 10 R&B Artists - 2000's 

10 - Aaliyah

With her No. 1 singles like Miss You and Try Again, the beautiful and talented artist Aaliyah was becoming such a bright R&B artist in the industry. Unfortunately, her career ended shortly when she passed away so young, but she left such a mark within the R&B music world.

9 - Alicia Keys

Alicia is a goddess when it comes to making such empowering and catchy music. She is like no other artist and has become one of the most influential artists in the world. From her countless No. 1 singles and platinum albums, she was one of the biggest stars of the decade.

8 - Chris Brown 

Chris Brown was a breakout artist of the 2000's and has become such a star ever since his first No. 1 singles and albums. What stood him out from the many other artists who had their breakout albums was the fact that he had such mad dancing skills to match his amazing voice, plus he also was such a good looking young man.

7 - Mary J Blige

Known as the queen of R&B and soul, she was and still is one of the most respected artists out there. Her songs were so successful that until now you can hear her on the radio or see her music videos played on television.  Being in the music industry for quite a while, Mary J Blige has won countless awards for her music.  She is a legend in her own right 

6 - Ne-yo

Ne-yo had a couple No. 1 singles like So Sick and Sexy Love, both songs are still played now and then on the radio. He was certainly one of the most successful artists of the decade making music to seem him as one of the superstars.

5 - Jamie Foxx

This Triple threat had platinum records, No. 1 singles and songs that until now are loved by millions. Jamie's voice is often described as vaults bluesy but ultimately super smooth. His style of music opened up a lot of doors inspiration within the industry as countless other future artists saw him as a role model.

4 - Toni Braxton 

Toni made a huge impact within R&B music in the late 90's, and early 2000's with her chart-topping songs like He Wasn't Man Enough and her super successful albums like Libra, The Heat, and Snowflakes. She also opened doors for many other women to break into the R&B music world. 

3 - R Kelly

 From his four No. 1 singles and countless top charting albums, R Kelly was one of the most impactful artists of the decade. He was also very much embraced within the Gospel music genre and made some unforgettable songs that have such soul and passion. R Kelly is one of the greats.

2 - John Legend

John's platinum records Get Lifted and Once again are still such beloved albums that have deemed him as an R&B legend. His soul and passion are what gives pure magic to his soulful songs.

1 - Usher 

There is no other R&B artist that can compare to Usher especially during this decade. No one made a bigger impact or had more No. 1 singles than him. He is still one of the most respected artists in the industry and was the man who turned Justin Bieber into the "Justin Bieber" everyone knows well today. He is and should be known as one of the best R&B artists of all time.

R&B is certainly a genre of music that has created such beautiful sounding music. All artists above are still creating such captivating music and will continue to be such outstanding artists.